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Have a look at this portable screen home for your deck


The majority of the time people select to go with a canopy for protection from the sun and the rain, but another choice you have is a screen house. This is essentially a portable camping tent that is big enough to accommodate many individuals inside while they are standing. Just imagine a large canopy with screen all around it and a zip up door on each side. This is among the very best ways to help safeguard your household from bugs, wind, and rain better than a canopy can.

If you use a canopy on a day that is windier than regular, then your visitors may wind up getting cooler than they would like since there is very little security. However, if you use a screen house, then you will be able to offer better defense from the wind, particularly as it gets later into the night and gets cooler out.

Another great aspect of using a screen house is that it will supply much better defense against the rain. With a canopy you will just have protection above you, but if the rain gets blown inside you will not be secured. There are some screen houses that are made with a rain repellent on them so that the rain will not have the ability to get in at all. This is ideal if you live in a location where it can be warm one minute, rain for a couple of minutes, then the sun comes right back out again.

You will also be protected from probably the most frustrating part of being outdoors, which are insects. With a canopy you have absolutely no security from biting insects that can get on you, in your foods, and become very frustrating. If you choose to use a screen house instead of a canopy you will have protection from these insects together with security from all the other elements of being outside.

Essentially a screen house is going to take away a bit of the outdoor feeling, but you will be much better safeguarded from insects, rain, and wind than if you use a canopy. They are great for camping trips, beach trips, outside cookouts, and simply to have around throughout the months when the bugs are really bad. It is great to be outdoors, but there are still things we need to be protected from. Using a screen house is among the very best ways to protect yourself from the things that can interrupt a great outside trip.

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